Our Group

C.H.G Cyprus Healthcare Group Ltd is a private holding founded in Europe since 2010 to operate in the new era of health arena, leading transition and promoting Excellence in Healthcare in the markets of presence. 

Curis Network is a registered trade name owned by the Group to define a hybrid health and wellbeing ecosystem offering physical and digital services to the community.  

We aim to be a premier, diverse healthcare group, recognized for its innovation and transparency, valuable to all stakeholders.


Curis Network

Health. Innovation. Quality. Excellence. 

Curis Network is an innovative, hybrid network of integrated health and wellbeing services. 

We provide physical and digital services supporting people to optimize and enhance their health. 

Services are delivered by specialised medical and healthcare professionals dedicated in protecting and promoting community health.

The Curis Network brand is owned by CHG Cyprus Healthcare Group Ltd, a private holding dedicated to the international healthcare and wellbeing arena by offering innovative, quality services by working closely with industry leaders.

Our Logo

We Care for yoU through Respect,
nnovation and Support

The name CURIS is inspired by the Latin words cura and means “care”. Our logo is inspired by the “Shield”, the oldest defensive weapon. This showcases a symbol of protection and support.

Our logo schematically shows the symbol of the shield, the defensive weapon, whose history dates back centuries.

A symbol that reflects the value of protecting, supporting, shielding the most important good for humans’ life.

The shield reflects our own purpose and which is the protection of the most precious good of human life, health.

Our Values

Inspired by the human being eternal bonds, Curis Network places its passion and commitment to the human at the centre of everything we do.

Our network is a living organism that never stops creating and distributing value: value for human, value for society, and value for the economy. 

This value is captured and embodied in our services, which are developed in a spirit of sustainability and responsibility to achieve health and wellness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist people and communities managing their health and wellbeing status.  

We aim to be a provider of choice, valuable to all stakeholders.

Our goal is to provide choices that are valuable to all people whether they are sick or want to improve their quality of life and extent healthcare to encompass people where they work, live and play.