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A diverse network of business units leading transition in healthcare

Our solutions enhance people’s health on a daily basis, engaging resources and technologies to ensure quality and continuum of care

Home Healthcare

Home Health units provides care at your own place. Whether this is your workspace or your home, a team of medical professionals will design a care plan to meet your needs.

Disruptive Health Innovation

Working closely with researchers and scientists from all around the world, we are focused in contributing to the common cause of innovating technologies and practices to fight diseases


An online personalized health and wellness management program supported by a personal health advocate and an array of physical and digital resources available at the fingertips of the member.

Health Concierge Services

Identifying possible options for diagnose, treatment and management of a health challenge. It facilitates and coordinates patients and medical professionals achieving a common goal.

Health Academy

Continued Medical Education (CME) and population awareness are vital in enhancing our community’s health status. We offer education for both sites of the healthcare system, the professional and the patient.


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MyCuris Community


Patients Treated at Home


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