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Delivering Care @Home, Enhancing Lives Every Day

The pendulum of care swings back to the community. The raising cost and scarcity of hospital beds, supported by technology advancements enables been taking care at home safe and efficient. Patients can be treated at the safety of their home setting by a dedicated team of medical, allied and other professionals. Services are addressed to those in need of post trauma and transitional care. Specialised programs extend services to those chronically ill, the elderly or those in need of rehabilitation or palliative care. With quality of care been of utmost priority we maintain a valid accreditation with BS EN 15224:2016 standard (Quality Management System for Healthcare). 

Home Healthcare Services

Experience Home Health

We provide nursing care and advanced nursing services to support disease prevention, health management and recovery, and care of illness or disability.

Our companionship program aims to improve the quality of life by providing personal care, medication management and other health-related services as needed.

Our physiotherapy program supports physical, mental and cognitive needs to help individuals gain and improve their abilities.

We provide home visits from mental health professionals to support people’s emotional, psychological and social wellbeing.

Home Healthcare

Enhanced comfort, accelerated recovery

Curis Home Healthcare is a provider of choice for those seeking healthcare to be delivered at home in Cyprus. Bringing healthcare services at home supporting the patients, their families and loved ones. Studies demonstrated that patients been taken care at home have less chances of readmission and had faster recovery. In parallel cost of care is considerably decreased. We offer patients the option to enjoy high-quality, professional services at the comfort of their own home, strengthening the relationship between patients, families, doctors, and nurses, accelerating recovery.


Home Healthcare

Personalized Care

Services include post trauma recovery, transitional care, health promotion and disease prevention, management of chronic disease, palliative care and support of the elderly,  patients with an illness or disability. Spefically, we provide, companionship, nursing care, specialized care, advanced nursing, physiotherapy, mental health support, support to patients with cancer, Dementia and Alzheimer’s, mother and child postpartum, stroke, diabetes, and orthopedic management, enteral nutrition management, blood and urine sample collection, 24/7 on-call duty, and transportation.

Home Healthcare

How It Works

Services are tailored to meet the patient’s specific needs and are delivered by specialized and experienced team of licensed nurses, always in collaboration with the patient’s doctor.

The process of acquiring the service is simple:

• Contact by the patient or next of kin

• Initial assessment by the Director of Nursing to review the case and collect health and demographic data. If necessary, liaise with the patient’s private doctor

• Preparation and communication of the treatment plan (including cost)

• Upon acceptance, delivery of care by a pool of licensed professionals

• Periodic reviews and follow-up by the Director of Nursing

Pool of professionals include doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists/dieticians, psychologists and social workers, all collaborating to provide a comprehensive service.