Virtual Clinic

Curis Clinic

Our virtual hospital platform enables virtual communication between the patient and the physician advancing the experience of medical consulting. Technology enables patients seeking to get an expert opinion from a doctor of their choice. 

With the use of MyCuris application patients supports patients to securely share medical records and hold a virtual meeting directly with the doctor.

The process is simple:

  • Create or Access your personal account
  • Request an appointment with the medical professional of choice
  • Receive Confirmation of Appointment
  • Proceed to payment
  • Experience virtual consultation

Set up your account with MyCuris

Choose the right package, which best accommodate your personal needs and set up your account.

Personalize your account

Complete your personal health profile and upload your medical records to create your online health archive.

Experience virtual care

Access a virtual space connecting you with medical professionals from all around the worlds at the comfort of your own place. Avoiding the hassle of getting to the hospital or to the healthcare professional’s office, you can request for an online consultation.

Gain quick and easy access to services

Request for physical services for care, treatment, or diagnostic purpose (available only in Cyprus).

Enhance your wellbeing

A handful of the digital tools or better manage your health and wellbeing.