Curis Smart Health Community

An initiative to promote healthy lifestyle, encourage disease prevention and overall wellbeing.

What is Curis Smart Health Community?

Smart Health Community is defined as a “structure” that operates largely outside of the traditional healthcare system and encourages disease prevention and overall, well being.

Prior to the development of modern hospitals, healthcare delivery was made in the community. However, this migration made the concept of health becoming increasingly medicalized and separated from people’s daily lives.

According to an article published by Deloitte, a  recent research reported that 80% of health outcomes are caused by factors unrelated to the medical system. Factors were associated to social determinants and health behaviors.

Curis Smart Health Community is an initiative of Curis Network to empower communities with strategies and models for creating and sustaining positive change in support of healthy living.

MyCuris® Personal Health App

Members of the community have access to MyCuris®, a user interface application that gets the user in the driver’s seat. The application promotes wellbeing management by supporting people to take control over their health and wellbeing. A hybrid model that brings together physical and digital services delivery at your fingerprints. MyCuris® empowers individuals’ connectivity, facilitates participation and promotes healthy behaviour. 

As a Smart Community setting, MyCuris® fosters a sense of belonging where people feel respected and supported in making choices that keep them healthy and motivated to pursue personal growth and achieve quality of life.

Why use MyCuris® Application?

  •  Control over personal health and wellbeing
  • Store and share your health data
  • Easy and simple access to tools and services
  • Appointment booking
  • Setting of health goals
  • Use of telemedicine and other digital tools
  • Seamless interoperability between various healthcare providers
  • Monitoring and Prevention