Curis Sustainable Health Community

An initiative to promote healthy lifestyle, encourage disease prevention and overall wellbeing.

What is Curis Sustainable Health Community?

CSHC is a private initiative aiming to inspire people to protect and enhance their physical, mental, and social wellbeing. It is an initiative fully aligned with Curis core values of caring and humanism. 

With a vision for creating a better and sustainable future, we serve the community by extending healthcare to encompass where people live, work and play.

CSHC provides support and incentives to members to enhance quality of life, experiencing individual and collective peace and prosperity. 

Through this initiative, we aim to facilitate transition from treatment to prevention, health, and wellbeing.

In support of the UN Sustainable Goals for Development

·   SDG3: Good Health & Wellbeing

·   SDG 4: Quality Education

·   SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

·   SDG9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

·  SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

·   SDG17: Partnerships for the Goals

Features of a Sustainable Community

CSHC consists of individuals and other group of people with a view to live life well. Members have access to solutions, benefits, and services that can be tailored to meet individual needs. Personalized management is backed up by Curis Disruptive Health Innovation Platform, ensuring continuum and interoperability placing the member at the driver seat. Features of CSHC fall into the following categories:

Health: Accessibility to healthcare services through the platform, medical records, medical consultation, physiotherapy, mental health, second medical opinion, facilitation, access to telemedicine.

Wellbeing: Physical activity (yoga, pilates, clinical pilates, functional training, dance), meditation, nutrition management.

Health Literacy: Health & wellbeing awareness, campaigns, life-skills trainings, webinars, workshop, seminars, health-talks.

Events and Activities: Life walks, smoking cessation, health tips, articles, influence, motivation, engagement.   

Who can join?

Individuals: Adults of all ages, regardless of their wellbeing status to join our community. 

Corporate: Entities can create their branded community as part of the organisation’s Workplace Wellbeing strategy. See Workplace Wellbeing.

Interest Groups: Create your own community with people of similar interests.