3_Medical Tourism

International Patients

Facilitating those seeking treatment abroad

Patients might be seeking for a treatment outside the boundaries of their residential country. Many reason support this decision. Drivers of this decision include access to specialized care, limited waiting period, lower cost, a second medical opinion.

We facilitate movement of patients to Europe, Israel and the US to a selected team of affiliated professionals and hospital groups servicing international patients.

Curis Network supports the facilitation of international doctors in Cyprus seeking to treat international patients. Curis Network provides a turn-key solution to foreign doctors wishing to treat non-Cypriot patients in Cyprus. We support through the licensing process with the Ministry of Health, access hospital privileges and support.

International Patients

Our Supportive Services

Services to International Patients

• Assist in identifying the right doctor

• Define cost and duration of treatment

• Travelling arrangements (incl. VISA)

• Accommodation and transportation arrangements

• Home nursing services (in Cyprus only)

• Medical escort and translation services

• Concierge and support services

Services to International Doctors visiting Cyprus

• Support in obtaining license from the Ministry of Health

• Obtain access to a state-of-the-art hospital facility and privileges

• Post surgery support from local professional team (doctors, nurses etc)

• Travelling, accommodation and transportation arrangements

• Promotion of profile through Curis Virtual Clinic