Health & Safety Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety at Work is a fundamental part of all activities and a key responsibility for both management and every employee in the company.
The company recognizes its responsibilities and obligations to ensure health and safety at work, monitors and enforces European and national legislation on health and safety at work and at the same time conducts ongoing research on the application of risk reduction practices in the work environment.

Our Company’s Health and Safety Policy aims to:

  • Protecting the health and safety of company employees and third party, e.g. customers
  • Compliance with applicable legislation and other Occupational Health and Safety requirements
  • Systematic identification of occupational hazards and measures to prevent or reduce occupational hazards
  • Performing work at the desired level of quality with zero accidents, injuries or damage to equipment and facilities
  • Informing, training and raising the awareness of the company’s employees on Health and Safety at Work. Clear reporting and understanding of employee safety responsibilities
  • Securing financial resources for the continuous development of new technologies and forms of occupational risk control, with the aim of reducing occupational risks
  • Ensuring all the necessary tools (equipment, forms, training, etc.) and procedures for establishing, reviewing and achieving the OHS objective

The company’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy is a commitment by the company’s management for:

  • The prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases and the continuous improvement of OHS performance
  • Compliance with applicable European and national legislation and other health and safety requirements at work

The company’s policy on health and safety at work is reviewed annually by Management.

This company policy is communicated to every employee of the company, implemented and supported by every employee of the company and is available to any interested party.