Policy for Health and Safety at Work

Health and Safety at work is fundamental component of the activities we offer and core responsibility for both management and each employee of the company. Curis Network acts socially responsibly building relationships of mutual trust and respect with all interested parties. It recognizes its responsibilities and obligations towards ensuring health and safety at work, monitors and applies both the European and the National Health and Safety at Work Legislation and conducts ongoing research into risk reduction practices in the work environment.

Our Health and Safety at Work Policy aims at:

  • Protecting of Health and Safety of the company’s employees and third parties, e.g. customers;
  • Complying with the applicable legislation and other requirements for the health and safety at work;   
  • Systematically recognizing occupational hazards and taking measures to prevent or reduce risks in the work environment;
  • Ensuring job performance at the desired quality level with no accidents, injuries or damage to equipment and facilities;
  • Disseminating information, education, and awareness to employees on issues related to Health and Safety at Work. Clearly reporting and understanding of all employees' responsibilities on security issues;
  • Acquiring financial resources for continuous development of new technologies and forms of work risk control, aiming at reducing risks at work;
  •  Acquiring the necessary tools (equipment, documents, training, etc.) and procedures for establishing, reviewing, and achieving the objectives of Health and Safety at Work.

Curis Network Health and Safety at Work Policy is a commitment of the management to:

  • Prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases and continuously improve performance;
  • Comply with the applicable European and National Legislation and other health and safety requirements at work;
  • Ensure employees’ participation and involvement in establishing, operating, evaluating and improving health and safety requirements at work.

Curis Network Health and Safety at Work policy is reviewed in the Annual Review by Management to ensure that it remains relevant and make sure that it is in line with legal requirements.

This company policy is notified to each employee of the company, implemented and supported by each employee of the company and is available to any interested party.